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Shure SM7B

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Microfone Shure SM7B. Material: Aço. Electrónica: Switch Bass Rolloff; Switch Mid-range emphasis. Padrão Polar: Cardióide. Dinâmico. Impedância: 150 Ω . Sensibilidade: −59 dBV/Pa (1.12 mV). Cor: Black. For studio sound that speaks volumes. The wide-range frequency response of the SM7B preserves the natural beauty of the sound it captures.

Vocal Microphone
Whether it’s broadcast, podcast or recording, voices need to be handled with care. When purified and polished, every detail has more impact. That’s why the SM7B was built, to capture smooth, warm vocals that connect the speaker to the listener.

The wide-range frequency response of the SM7B preserves the natural beauty of the sound it captures. With its detailed audio profile, words may travel far, but they always arrive at their destination with quality and clarity intact.


Only good air gets through
The air suspension shock isolation and the pop filter eliminate both mechanical noise and breathiness. So words get through and the rest stays out of the mix.

Uniform capture
The classic cardioid pattern is designed to reject off-axis audio. So you can sing or speak at a comfortable angle and it captures the sound, just as you want it, with minimum coloration.

Shield your sound
We added advanced electromagnetic shielding to defeat hum from computer monitors and other studio equipment.

  • Rugged construction for securing the microphone cartridge
  • Detachable close-talk windscreen and switch cover plate included
  • Reduces distortion from loud sources
  • Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting
  • Dynamic cartridge with flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech
  • Also useful for close-miking instruments in studio where warm and smooth full-frequencies are a must

  • SKU SM7B
    Marca Shure
    Tipo Microfone
    Cor Black
    Serie Shure SM
    Material Aço
    Electrónica Switch Bass Rolloff
    Switch Mid-range emphasis
    Peso 765.4g
    Padrão Polar Cardióide
    Tipo de Microfone Dinâmico
    Impedância 150 Ω
    Sensibilidade −59 dBV/Pa (1.12 mV)
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