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Korg Volca Bass

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Effects Production Korg Volca Bass. Sons: 3x VCO (Saw, Square); VCF (Cutoff, Peak, EG Intensity); VCA (EG on/of, Sustain on/off); LFO (Rate, Intensity, Target (Amp, Pitch, Cutoff), Wave (Triangle, Square)); EG (Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain). Song: Partes: 1; Steps: 16; Gravação de Padrões: 8. Midi: 1x Entrada MIDI. Cor: .

Powerful analog bass sound creation and an Electribe-inspired sequencer for the ultimate bass lines

Powerful analog bass sound
Three analogue oscillators for thick, huge bass line
Newly designed analog filter for crisp, bright response
Simple structure with single VCF, VCA, LFO, and EG
Loop sequencer distilled from the Electribe series
Electribe-style 16-step sequencer with eight memory patches
Slide function that’s indispensable for acid and other types of electronic music
Active Step function generates new bass lines by removing or inserting steps
Convenient functions for ease of use
Self-tuning function for constant, stable pitch
Sync In and Out allows clock sync of multiple instruments from the volca Series as well as Korg's Monotribe
Go-anywhere analogue: play anywhere with the built-in speaker and optional battery power
Aggressive sounds that stand up to the drums; fat sounds that support the rhythm; funky sounds that generate a groove - the volca Bass is an analog groove box that has what you need for a wide range of bass lines.

Although simple in structure, the analog sound engine has an unmistakable presence with subtle nuances that cannot be reproduced by a digital simulation; it's a great choice for acid house and many other styles of music. The step sequencer distilled from the Electribe is not only visually intuitive; it's also a powerful way to generate "free form" bass loops that will stimulate your inspiration.

Marca Korg
Tipo Effects Production
Serie Korg Volca
Tipo de Teclas Multi-Touch
Sons 3x VCO (Saw, Square)
VCF (Cutoff, Peak, EG Intensity)
VCA (EG on/of, Sustain on/off)
LFO (Rate, Intensity, Target (Amp, Pitch, Cutoff), Wave (Triangle, Square))
EG (Attack, Decay/Release, Sustain)
Efeitos Delay: Time, Feedback, Temp Sync
Song Partes: 1
Steps: 16
Gravação de Padrões: 8
Entradas 1x Entrada de linha (Sync In - miniJack)
Saídas 1x Saída de auscultador (Phones - miniJack)
1x Saída de linha (Sync Out - miniJack)
MIDI 1x Entrada MIDI
Alimentação Alimentador (não incluído), Pilhas (não incluído)
Peso 370g
Comprimento 19.3 cm
Profundidade (depth) 11.5 cm
Altura (Height) 4.6
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