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Klotz LAPR0300 LaGrange Straight Angled 3m

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Cabo Audio Klotz LAPR0300 LaGrange Straight Angled 3m. Cor: Black. LAPR LaGrange supreme guitar cable with angled jack plugs - 3m

LAPR LaGrange supreme guitar cable with angled jack plugs
The classic (since 1985) received the Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player magazine fast response, ultra-dynamic, minimum compression superbly detailed and transparent sound thick layer of dielectric medium for outstanding conductor insulation ideal frequency ratios triple shield for excellent protection against interference
ultra-low capacitance (65 pF/m)

The LaGrange Guitar Cable has long become a modern classic. When the LaGrange was launched thirty years ago, its ultra-low capacitance and rugged design were cutting-edge innovations. The LaGrange’s extra-low capacitance ensures very low treble attenuation, while double shielding delivers effective protection for a great sound. In addition, the cable design is rugged, solid and durable. The LaGrange was singled out for an Editor’s Pick Award by the prestigious Guitar Player Magazine; in a large-scale cable comparison involving 49 (!) different products, it was chosen for the “Winners’ Circle” – the best of the best. The LaGrange provides an ultra-clear and consistent sound, retaining its fidelity to detail and outstanding treble/bass balance across all kinds of guitars and amps. And it delivers a subtle bass boost to ensure the guitar sound really shines. This is why the LaGrange is the choice of pro musicians all over the world. The LaGrange – a cornerstone of the cable scene!

Length: 3 m
Colour: black
Shell/sleeve: black
Connectors: straight - angled
Pins: nickel-plated
Weight: 0.24 kg

Shielding: double screened cable, ultra-fine copper spiral shield < 95% and conductive plastic
Jacket: PVC

Connector 1: jack 2p. 6.35 mm
Contact 1: nickel-plated
Connector 2: jack 2p. 6.35 mm
Contact 2: nickel-plated

Marca Klotz
Tipo Cabo Audio
Cor Black
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