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Hannabach 500MT

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Jogo Cordas Guitarra Clássica Hannabach 500MT. Medium Tension

Our mission when developing the 500 series was to create the best student string in an affordable price range. At this juncture we had to keep the high Hannabach quality and provide the best playability possible. The trebles offer crystal clear sound characteristics. In combination with the crunchy basses they have a very homogenous sound on almost every guitar.


  • High-Precision Trebles, crystal clear and plain
  • Nylon filament Basses, braided silver-plated copper wire
  • B-string and Basses marked for easy tone-identification
  • 2 gauges available:

  • 500MT Medium Tension (black stripe)
    500HT High Tension (blue stripe)

    New packaging:

    - Ecological material, stable, moisture-resistant
    - Air-tight sealed with a zipper
    - Space-saving and cost-effective
    - “Euro”-hanger for hooks

    SKU 500MT
    Marca Hannabach
    Tipo Jogo Cordas Guitarra Clássica
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