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Roland KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal

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Contorlador Pedal Bombo Roland KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal. Cor: . Innovative beaterless kick pedal for ultra-quiet night practice at home on electronic drums

Practicing drums at home can feel like an uphill battle. You’ve got an electronic kit. You’re using headphones. But still there’s a problem: the sound of the kick pedal mechanism each time you depress it, and the audible thud of the beater as it strikes the kick pad. Roland’s new KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal is the answer. Designed for ultra-quiet home practice, the KT-9 features a beaterless design and a patent-pending link mechanism, resulting in a dramatic reduction in noise when played, without compromising the pedal’s feel or the playability. With the KT-9 under your foot, you can go as hard as you like, as late as you want.


  • Low-noise operation for late-night practice (85% less noise in your practice space and 63% less to rooms below, compared to Roland KD-9 beater-equipped kick pedal)
  • Compact design, easy setup and small footprint for home practice
  • Use alongside other noise-reducing Roland products, including NE-10 Noise Eater Isolation Boards and NE-1 Isolation Feet, for quietest-ever performance

  • Play When It Suits You with Ultra-Quiet Link Mechanism and Beaterless Design

    Electronic drum kits are far quieter than acoustic kits, but there’s still an audible sound when you depress a standard kick pedal, and another when the beater hits the kick pad. If quiet practice sessions are a priority, the KT-9 is a must, with its beaterless design and newly developed link mechanism* giving a marked reduction in operational noise (85%** less in your practice space and 63%** less to rooms below, compared to the Roland KD-9 beater-equipped kick pedal). The KT-9 works even better alongside the low-noise mesh heads featured on Roland V-Drums, plus our NE-10 Noise Eater Isolation Boards and NE-1 Isolation Feet.

    Compact Beaterless Design Fits into Your Studio & Stage Setup

    You’ve set up your kit to suit you, and with its compact beaterless design, the KT-9 fits right in, taking up a minimal footprint and leaving room for all your favorite percussion gear. Quick to set up and compatible with any V-Drums sound modules featuring ¼-inch trigger inputs, the KT-9 is the ideal addition to your electronic kit, bringing professional kick pedal feel to a low-noise practice scenario.

    Allows Advanced Techniques and Supports Your Drumming Style

    Whether you’re practicing at home or playing out, it’s important to have a kick pedal that picks up all the subtleties of your drumming style. The KT-9 is a great choice for expressive players. The unit’s feet ensure total stability, letting you work the pedal as hard or soft as you like (with the sound module picking up every nuance). With a familiar toe-stopper to set your foot position, the KT-9’s smooth pedal mechanism delivers authentic kick feel. It’s your ticket to an energetic drum practice – that won’t disturb the neighbors.

    Create the Ultimate Percussion Setup with Connectivity to Roland Gear

    As your percussion setup evolves, you need a kick pedal that can keep up. Designed for open-ended flexibility, the KT-9 is compatible with Roland’s full range of electronic percussion gear, from the OCTAPAD SPD-30 to the HandSonic HPD-20. It’s the compact, ultra-quiet kick pedal that does it all.
    * Patent Pending
    ** Comparison to Roland KD-9 Kick Pad with the Roland original measurement


    Owner's Manual
    Connection cable

    Option (sold separately): Noise eater (NE-10)

    Size and weight

    Width: 139 mm, 5-1/2 inches
    Depth: 365 mm, 14-3/8 inches
    Height: 158 mm, 6-1/4 inches
    Weight: 2.0 kg, 4 lbs 7 oz

    SKU KT9
    Marca Roland
    Tipo Contorlador Pedal Bombo
    Serie Roland V-Drums
    Conteúdo 1x Pad KT-9
    1x Contrapeso
    1x Parafuso
    1x Cabo de ligação
    1x Manual
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