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Bohemian Guitars Oil Can BG15 TNT

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Guitarra Eléctrica Bohemian Guitars Oil Can BG15 TNT. Corpo: Lata de Óleo com estrutura em Madeira. Braço: Acer/Maple. Escala: Acer/Maple 25.5" (648 mm); Raio: 12" (305 mm); Pente: 42.5 mm. Neckjoint: Through-Body . Inlays: Preto. Cutaway: 21. Ferragens: Hardware: Cromado. Trastos: 21. Electrónica: Passiva. Cor: . A Bohemian guitar’s hollow metal body interacts with our custom magnetic pickups to create new ranges of harmonic tones and a richer, more original sound.

  • Responsive Hollow Body
  • Harmonically Rich Design
  • Removable Back Panel
  • Self-Standing Bottom

    A Bohemian guitar’s hollow metal body interacts with our custom magnetic pickups to create new ranges of harmonic tones and a richer, more original sound. The responsive nature of the metallic body also allows players to use percussive acoustic techniques to achieve sounds that are not possible on any other electric guitar.

    Constructed with an extended tenon design, the neck extends to the end of the can. The internal wood structure inside of the body creates exceptional balance and weight distribution, so these guitars always rest comfortably. The removable back panel, very unique to Bohemian Guitars, gives easy access to the entire interior of the guitar body. Our innovative design leads to an equally distinctive tone.

    Made from sustainably sourced maple wood, the neck and fretboard offer smooth and ergonomic playing for every note.


    Neck Wood: Maple
    Neck type: Bohemian Through-Body
    Fretboard: Maple
    Headstock: Red Glazed Finish
    Frets: 21
    Nut Width : 1 11/16"
    Width at 12th Fret : 2 1/8"
    Width at 21st Fret : 2 3/8"
    Neck Thickness : 7/8"
    Scale Length : 25 1/2"

    The original Bohemian hollow body oil can design offers great resonance and unmatched responsiveness. Internal wood bracing gives the guitar durability without compromising its hollow body sound, and a through-body neck design ensures a stable playing experience.

    The base of each Bohemian body features small rubber knobs that serve as a built-in stand for the guitar when it’s not being played, while the removable lid gives the body and authentic oil can feel and offers convenient pick storage.

    Metal hollow body w/ removable back panel with an internal wood frame

    All Bohemian guitars utilize chrome hardware, including closed 3R 3L screw in tuners with removable keys, a Tune-o-Matic bridge, and strap buttons.

    Bohemian Guitars feature two humbucker pickups, tone and volume control knobs, and a three-way toggle switch. A removable back plate gives easy internal access to all electronics.

    Marca Bohemian
    Tipo Guitarra Eléctrica
    Corpo Lata de Óleo com estrutura em Madeira
    Escala Acer/Maple 25.5" (648 mm)
    Raio: 12" (305 mm)
    Pente: 42.5 mm
    Braço Acer/Maple
    Neck Joint Through-Body
    Inlays Preto
    Cutaway 21
    Ferragens Hardware: Cromado
    Trastos 21
    Electrónica Passiva
    Controladores 2 x P90
    Dimensão Corpo 25,5" (648 mm)
    Formato Corpo Outros Formatos
    Inclui saco? Não
    Inclui estojo? Não
    Ponte Fixa
    Sugestões Sugestão Natal - Guitarra & Baixo
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