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Alesis Prestige

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Piano Digital Alesis Prestige. 88 full-sized graded hammer-action keys

The Alesis Prestige Series of digital pianos deliver unparalleled authenticity, with a piano-playing experience unmatched by anything other than the real thing. Both the Prestige and Prestige Artist combine studio-quality multi-sampled voices, a custom-voiced 50W micro-array speaker system, and a luxurious graded hammer-action keybed to provide a truly authentic piano-playing experience that fits in any home. From the rich harmonics and colors of the featured Grand Piano voices to the lush textures of the included Strings and Organ voices, and the nostalgia-inducing Electric Piano and Synth voices, the Prestige Series 88-key digital pianos feature the most advanced and versatile sound library ever created for a digital piano. Combined with best-in-class polyphony, players can feel each key authentically responding to their touch, preserving the natural tone of each instrument, and responding to subtle nuances in their playing. This pristine detail can all be heard in any setting thanks to the built-in custom-voiced 50W micro-array speaker system which sounds full and brilliant regardless of room position or surface placement. The Alesis Prestige Series – Unparalleled Authenticity.

- 88 full-sized graded hammer-action keys
- 16 built-in premium voices w/split and layer modes
- 128 max polyphony
- 50W (2x25W) micro-array speaker system
- 5 selectable Reverb FX

Marca Alesis
Tipo Piano Digital
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