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Pré-amplificador para auscultadores

  1. Behringer HA400

    Pré Amplificador Auscultadores Behringer HA400.

    Em Stock

    33,00 €   
  2. LD Systems PPA 2

    Pré Amplificador Phono LD Systems PPA 2. The LD Systems PPA 2 is a very compact analogue phono preamplifier, which equalises the extremely low output signal of conventional turntables to RIAA standards. It allows you to connect to devices without any phono input, such as mixers, PA power amplifiers or sound cards.

    Disponibilidade estimada entre 8 a 10 dias úteis

    28,90 €   
  3. LD Systems HPA 4

    Pré Amplificador Auscultadores LD Systems HPA 4. The LDHPA4 has small dimensions, can handle up to 4 headphones and has an output power with no equal in its class.

    Em Stock

    39,90 €   
  4. Mackie HM-4

    Pré Amplificador Auscultadores Mackie HM-4. Amplificador de auscultadores, compacto e com 4 saídas

    Disponibilidade estimada entre 5 a 7 dias úteis

    36,90 €   
  5. ART Headamp IV

    Pré Amplificador Auscultadores ART Headamp IV. Controladores: Level. Qualidade: THD: <0.01%.

    Disponibilidade estimada entre 2 a 4 dias úteis

    75,00 €   
  6. Presonus HP4

    Pré Amplificador Auscultadores Presonus HP4. Controladores: Mono/Stereo. Qualidade: THD: <0.01%. Simplicity is the HP4’s hallmark. You get left and right line inputs, left and right line outputs with level control, and the four headphone outs.

    Disponibilidade estimada entre 2 a 4 dias úteis

    119,00 €   
  7. LD Systems HPA 1

    Pré Amplificador Auscultadores LD Systems HPA 1. Controladores: Mono/Stereo. Qualidade: THD: <0.01%. The LD Systems HPA 1 is a versatile headphone amplifier with high power output for stage, studio and home recording and is the perfect solution for wired in-ear-monitoring

    Disponibilidade estimada entre 8 a 10 dias úteis

    98,00 €   
  8. Presonus HP60

    Pré Amplificador de Auscultadores Presonus HP60. Controladores: Mono/Stereo. Qualidade: THD: <0.01%. If musicians can’t clearly hear what they want, their performance and attitude will suffer. With the PreSonus® HP60 headphone distribution system, you can easily resolve these problems and provide headphone mixes the musicians will love. 6-Channel Headphone Mixing System

    Disponibilidade estimada entre 2 a 4 dias úteis

    297,00 €   
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