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Enroladores (Pegwinders)

  1. Dunlop Stringwinder

    Pegwinder Dunlop Stringwinder.

    2,50 €   
  2. Planet Waves Bass Pro-Winder

    Pegwinder Planet Waves Bass Pro-Winder.

    11,40 €   
  3. Planet Waves Guitar Pro-Winder

    Pegwinder Planet Waves Guitar Pro-Winder.

    11,40 €   
  4. Planet Waves PW-DBPW-01 Drill Bit Peg Winder

    Pegwinder Planet Waves PW-DBPW-01 Drill Bit Peg Winder.

    7,80 €   
  5. Ernie Ball Powerpeg Standard

    Pegwinder Ernie Ball Powerpeg Standard. Alimentação: 455. The Ernie Ball PowerPeg is the first of its kind self-contained motorized pegwinder that allows you to restring your instrument up to 70% faster than traditional manual pegwinders.

    27,00 €   
  6. Ernie Ball Pegwinder

    Pegwinder Ernie Ball Pegwinder. Alimentação: 455. Molded plastic pegwinder

    3,20 €