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Acorn Masterkey 49

72,00 €   Disponibilidade estimada entre 1 a 3 dias úteis
Disponibilidade estimada entre 1 a 3 dias úteis

Controlador Midi Acorn Masterkey 49. 49 Teclas. Controladores: Controlador de Pitch e Bend; 1x Fader (configurável); 4 Knobs (configurável). Display: LED de 3 caracteres. USB: 1x Ligação a computador USB. Cor: .

The Masterkey 49 USB MIDI controller keyboard opens the gate to computer music creation. Whatever your style of music, it delivers the control you need to unlock your creativity. 

Express yourself on the 49 velocity sensitive keys, playing and recording in to any standard MIDI software program or the included Presonus Studio One Artist. The compact design fits perfectly on a computer desk and it's easy to move when not in use.

Real-time controls such as the four knobs and the fader can be used to control instrument or mix parameters, even while you play. Professional-style pitch bend and modulation wheels allow you to add further articulation. The 3-digit LED display provides navigational feedback so it's quick and easy to find the right menus for changing MIDI channels, sending out program changes, transposing or programming the real time controls. And if 49 keys are not enough, press the octave up and down buttons to shift the keyboard range up or down instantly.

Installation is straightforward, too. Simply plug Masterkey 49 into a USB port on your computer and the operating system will do the rest. Masterkey 49 is USB class-compliant, which means that no driver is needed for supported operating systems.

Marca Acorn
Tipo Controlador Midi
Conteúdo 1x Manual
1x Software Presonus Studio One™ Artist
1x Cabo USB (1,82 m)
Número de teclas 49
Tipo de Teclas Sensível à velocidade
Controladores Controlador de Pitch e Bend
1x Fader (configurável)
4 Knobs (configurável)
Display LED de 3 caracteres
USB/Firewire 1x Ligação a computador USB
Alimentação USB
Peso 2 kg
Comprimento 80 cm
Profundidade (depth) 19.05 cm
Altura (Height) 5.7 cm
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